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OMG, Light Before Day -- SO good! I can't even express how good I thought it was.

1 -- Christopher always seems to have a way of surprising me over and over again. Corey being alive at the end...GENIUS! Stupid fucks! They told him to kill himself. HAHA!

2 -- Caden shooting Corey after saying that line about how he was a demon was so powerful. It just felt right. Like Caden and Caroline were both able to have their revenge this way. It should have been Caden who shot him. If Caroline had done it, it wouldn't have been as powerful.

3 -- I was kinda sad when Billy Hatfill shot himself. I don't know why. I think, as sleazy as he and the things we was involved in were, he was one of my favorite characters. Or at least one of my favorite of the villains.

4 -- I don't know why but I was totally picturing Eric Balfour as Corey the entire time I was reading this book. Am I alone? Sometimes I get ridiculous images of the characters in my head that look nothing like the way the character has been described. Don't ask me why.

I know I had more to discuss, but my brain is just swimming in the fabulousness of this book. I honestly think I might have enjoyed it more than A Density of Souls, but it is hard to say because I read ADOS at a very different time in my life and haven't reread it since...so who knows. Now I just have to go back and read The Snow Garden and I can feel better about my fandom. Right now I feel like a bad fan still, because I've ignored TSG. But apparently I'm not alone, according to Chris at the B&N reading on Tuesday. I guess a lot of people mention ADOS but not TSG. So, that's next...after I read a bunch of other books that have been waiting on my shelf for me to finally finish this one. Damn work making me take a break from reading for a week...I started reading this damn thing before it even came out in stores and here I am, finishing it like a million weeks later. But it was fabulous, and I feel like this is such a better high than crystal meth could ever give me. YAY BOOKS!
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