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I have no evidence but myself.

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im 21 and ive been a fan of chris since shortly after "a density of souls" came out. it was actually recommended to me by a close friend, and it wasnt until i bought it that i learned hes anne rice's son. i saw him on rosie o'donnell (i believe it was her show, anyway) around that same time and i was realy impressed to learn that he didnt use his mothers "connections" or anything to get published; hes more real than that, apparently. he didnt use shortcuts.

ANYway! i got "ligh before day" a little while ago and im about halfway through it. its an amazing story; its a lot more involved and better rounded, somehow, than his previous two novels, although i dont want to discredit "density" or "snow garden" in any way (i enjoyed both immensely). chris0 made a comment a week or two ago about the number of characters in the novel, and i have to admit that the other day i sat down with a notebook and a pen and made a list to keep them all straight (no pun intended).

this is a very wordy first entry, so im going to run. i just wanted to get my foot in the door, so to speak, and if chris ever sees this, he HAS to come do a signing in central PA so i can finally meet him lol. later!
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